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Dodge-Regupol is now Ecore

Dodge-Regupol announced today that the privately held business with roots that date back to the mid-1800s has taken a new name – Ecore International, and has broadened its strategic and geographic focus.

The company has operated as Dodge-Regupol since 1989, and prior to that as the Dodge Cork Company. As North America’s largest user of scrap tire rubber, the organization has made a thriving business out of finding creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. It manufactures innovatively designed cork, cork/rubber and recycled rubber products, which had primarily been distributed in the United States.

Although the company is best known for its recycled rubber products sold under the ECOsurfaces commercial flooring and Everlast Fitness Flooring brands, it has a diverse portfolio of successful products and businesses. The company produces sound control products under the QT brand, load securement materials under the Transmat name, home gym flooring under the Training Ground brand, equine pavers under the PaveSafe name, and playground safety surfacing under the PlayGuard brand. Its subsidiary units, A-Turf, SurfaceAmerica and SpectraTurf, are leaders in playground surfacing, gymnasium flooring, fitness flooring, specialty surfacing, and artificial turf industries.

With a new name, and growing global appetite for products that are environmentally friendly, Ecore has its eyes set on expanding its leadership as a provider of sustainable materials and systems for global markets. “We recognize that sustainable products and processes form the core of what we already do,” said Ecore President and CEO Arthur Dodge III, whose great, great grandfather founded the Dodge Cork Company more than 100 years ago.