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Perimeter Isolation Strips Buy Now!

Our perimeter isolation strips consist of expanded, closed cell, plank, polyethylene foam that meets ASTM D 1056 and ASTM D 3575 standards. This accessory is an economical, lightweight, flexible, compressible, resilient, non-absorbent, and inherent bond breaker that minimizes lateral sound transmission.

Perimeter Isolation Strips are 6mm thick x 2.5″ wide and are sold in 50LF rolls.

Perimeter Isolation Strips

E-Grip III Buy Now!

This one-component, solvent-free, urethane adhesive is a revolutionary zero VOC-calculated product featuring low odor and improved tack properties for easy application and flat, concealed seams.

E-Grip III

E-TAK 99 Buy Now!

E-TAK 99 is a premium, pressure sensitive, multi-flooring adhesive and plasticizer migration blocker. E-TAK 99 can be used with LVT, 2mm Sheet Vinyl, and VCR Sound Control Underlayments (QTscu). E-TAK 99 can be used for pressure sensitive installations (tacky) or for wet/semi-wet installations.

Coverage Rates:
  • Porous/Rough Substrate: 1/16” sq. notch; 150 SF/gal
  • Non-Porous/Smooth Substrate: 1/16” x 1/32” x 1/32” U-notch; 210 SF/gal
E-Grip Evolve